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In the year 2008 the company operations were successfully automated. The company now has machines for milling, sorting and packaging all our rice.

The result has been high quality rice and well packaged. Our capacity has increased to the extent we presently operate at 70% production leaving room for extra 30% opportunity.

Although the market is large locally, we are now way ahead of our competitors. We have started selling to Ugandan, Tanzania, and Rwanda market and soon we shall enter Ethiopia and southern Sudan however the only challenge is the space for both production plant and manpower. This is also made easier through some of our main customer namely Tuskys Supermarket, Naivas Supermarket, Chandarana Supermarket, Cleanshelf Supermarket, Maguna Supermarket, Tumaini Supermarket and Majid Supermarket among others who has expanded to these markets.


Be the Leading Company in Processing, Packaging and Distribution of Rice and Other Cereals in East and Central Africa


To be the Leading Manufacturer, Processor, and Provider of High Quality, Healthy and Affordable Food Products, Professionally Processed and Packed to Satisfy our Consumer Standard Needs. 


QUALITY : Quality makes us Kings. Our Products are of very High Standards. Thus, making us Different.

HONESTY : We Ensure Honesty in all we do. We Feed People; their Lives are in our Hands We Can&t Afford to Risk that.

TEAMWORK : Two are Better that One: Three even Better: We Team up with our Employees, our Suppliers and Customers to Ensure We Achieve Our Mission.


Short term goals

  1. Increase production to utilize the current facilities up to at least 90% of its total capacity.
  2. Enhance facilities in Go Downs and offices to improve production, market expansion and economy of scale.
  3. Aggressively market and promote the new brands in both the local and regional market.
  4. Increase electronic media adverts and corporate social responsibility to steer company’s positive   publicity and create awareness of our products to the market at large.

Long term goals

  1. Increase production capacity by adopting integrated machines from world class certified manufactures to ensure quality and standard grains.
  2. Ensure consistent growth and expansion by employing competent and skilled staff that employ efficiency and quality in their work ethics.
  3. Establish market with Ethiopia and South Sudan by 2020.
  4. Control at least 50% of the rice market both in Kenya and East Africa region




Give us your needs and the qualifications then we will arrange all the work.

  • Selecting
  • Purchasing
  • Quality control
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Paper works
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